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Transmission service and rebuild in Bend

Evolution Automotive specializes in diagnosing, repairing and rebuilding transmissions. Above all we pride ourselves on delivering an accurate and honest diagnosis every time. On top of that we have the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment. Here at Evolution Automotive we have the experience and knowledge to properly diagnose and fix your vehicle correctly the first time

We can perform most transmission repairs and rebuilds right here in our shop. Transmission problems can be caused by a wide variety of minor issues that don’t require a full transmission overhaul. Often times things that seem like a major problem are related to something as simple as a solenoid needing to be replaced or even a bad cooler hose. We will never sell a larger than needed repair. Honesty and integrity are absolutely required and expected by everyone here at Evolution Automotive. In addition to our honesty and integrity our quality and experienced transmission technicians will always do a top notch job.

Contact us today to schedule your transmission Service. Call (541) 388-3734, email us at or use our convenient scheduling button here on the website.

Evolution Automotive was established 56 years ago in 1962. Since then we have become Bend’s recommended transmission company. Our track record of honest, accurate and dependable repairs has kept us in business longer than any other Transmission Repair shop in Bend Oregon. Please call us today and inquire about our nationwide warranty on transmission rebuilds.

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Transmission Repair and Service

At Evolution Automotive we service all transmissions. Frequently we are asked if we can service newer transmissions that don’t have a dipstick, the answer is yes, we can even service these. It is recommended to service most automatic transmission every 30,000 miles however the recommend service time on manual transmissions vary greatly. Furthermore if you are towing you will need to service your transmission more frequently. Contact us today if you have any questions about when your vehicle needs to have the transmission service performed.

There are many different fluids for modern day automatic transmissions. These fluids range from ATF+4, Dex6, CVT, 3309, 83 220 397 Audi and BMW specific and so on. Most fluids are system specific therefore using the correct fluid is key to quality transmission function.

During a typical transmission service we; remove the transmission pan, change the filter or screen, check all band adjustments and solenoid connections, scan the computer for fault codes and perform a diagnostic road test, check the shift function of all gears and torque converter lockup. In addition we perform a thorough 57 point vehicle inspection.