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Oil Change at Evolution Automotive

Oil Change and tune-up services in Bend

Our standard oil service is very involved. An Oil Service/Oil Change is critical to keeping your vehicle running well. Below is a list of everything we do during our standard Oil Change.

When you have an Oil Change/Oil Service performed here we; check your air filter and your internal cabin air filter. Then we check all of your exterior lights, inspect your wiper blades, and perform a full test on your battery and charging system. We also inspect all belts, hoses and brakes. Most noteworthy is, during every Oil Service performed here at Evolution Automotive we perform a complimentary 57 point vehicle inspection. If your check engine light, ABS light or airbag light is on then we scan it for free as part of the 57 point inspection. We know how inconvenient it is to find your self broken down on the side of the road in need of a tow truck. Here at Evolution Automotive we do everything we can to keep your car running and on the road.

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Minor/ Major Service 30,000/60,000 Mile Service

This service consists of our basic oil service and replacing all fluids. We replace engine oil and filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and depending if its AWD or 2WD. we replace transfer case oil and differential oil. Some manufacturers also recommend an engine tune up at this time. In conclusion, we look at what’s recommended and what your actually due for. A tune up consists of replacing spark plugs, compression test, fuel filter, cleaning throttle body and cleaning fuel injectors. Spark plug wires if equipped are inspected. We also inspect the integrity of your air filter and PCV system to make sure the engine breathes properly.