Transfix is now Evolution Automotive!

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Let Us Tell You About Evolution Automotive in Bend, OR

Evolution Automotive has been servicing and repairing vehicles in Bend, OR since 1962. We pride ourselves on being an honest auto repair shop you and your family can trust. Members of our team have worked at dealerships and other independent auto repair shops, and we’ve seen the best and worst of both. For example, dealership service is often impersonal, while independent auto shops may not have the most up-to-date equipment.

Our goal at Evolution Automotive is to provide the ultimate automotive service experience for our customers by repairing cars expertly and efficiently with modern methods, while maintaining the local, family feel of a business that’s over 50 years old.

“It was in independent auto repair shops where I learned to connect with customers and truly understand their expectations and needs. I have learned to see the auto repair process through the customers’ eyes. Knowing what I know, I can truly help people by running an auto repair shop, and, in a small way, make the world a better place.” - Darwin, Owner of Evolution Automotive

Darwin owner of Evolution Automotive - auto repair shop in Bend

The Kids. They are the all things miscellaneous around the shop help. They help with our mailers, they do shop sweeping and clean up, and any other odds and ends that are needed. Little Ezra grew up in the shop from the time he was a toddler and is a staple face for many of our long term customers. We sometimes refer to him as our shop mascot.

Meet the team at Evolution Automotive

  • Darwin
    DarwinOwner & Operator

    Darwin purchased Evolution Automotive in 2014 from the second owner. In the beginning, he was the shop’s front-man/technician/everything guy, but as business has grown, he is now functioning in a bit more behind-the-scenes role. However, he still knows most of our customers by name, and whether you see him in the shop or not, he is here making sure you have an excellent experience at Evolution Automotive. Today, Darwin has more than 25 years of auto industry experience, going back to high school when he won a full scholarship to a GM-certified automotive college program in Eugene, OR. After earning his auto mechanics degree, he went on to work for a Volvo dealership in Portland, as well as two independent Volvo repair shops. As many of our customers know, Darwin still loves working on Volvos, and as you drive by the shop, you’re likely to see many Volvos here.

    Darwin and his wife, Hannah, have three children. You will see them in the shop from time to time. Darwin loves being a dad and enjoys spending time with all his kids in his spare time. He also loves making people laugh and even considered becoming a standup comedian at one point in time.

  • Hannah
    HannahOwner/Office Manager

    Hannah is our Owner/Office Manager. She is mostly working behind the scenes at this point in time but she loves the opportunity to chat with customers. Hannah has always been a bit of a car girl. She loves her current car which is a Volvo XC90. It is perfect for hauling 3 kids and 3 dogs all over town. In her free time she loves to hang out with her family, go for a run, organize and clean things, and hiking anywhere in the Bend area.

  • Mike
    MikeLead Transmission Technician

    Mike has worked at Evolution Automotive for 11 years. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable technician with 26 years of auto industry experience. He is very skilled in diagnosing and building automatic and manual transmissions, as well as transfer cases and differentials. Mike knows these systems so well, he gets calls from other Bend area auto repair shops to pick his brain about transmission problems. If you want a transmission rebuild done right, Mike is your man.

    Mike takes pride in his two children. He and his wife enjoy the sport of paddle boarding and spending their evenings and weekends on the Wikiup reservoir.